About Us

Dalton Preschool, (formerly known as Dalton Co-op Nursery School), is a non-profit preschool that has been a community institution committed to providing quality Early Educational Programming for young children since 1969. We are fully licensed through the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care as a group preschool program and serve to enhance the natural growth and development of children from 2 yrs. 9 mo. to 5 yrs. old.

We strive to provide a classroom environment that is committed to the social value of kindness, and a small student body with higher than required student-to-teacher ratios. The goal of our program is to create a developmentally appropriate, nurturing, and stimulating curriculum in which children of varying backgrounds, interests, and abilities can develop meaningful social, emotional, and physical learning experiences. Teachers introduce new skills and/or new concepts as children are ready to help prepare them for kindergarten. 

Our classroom includes a convenient, attached student restroom, a fenced, private Outdoor Play Space with a padded climber area, sandbox, grassy lawn, and a paved area for trike riding. We also have access to the CRA gyms on inclement weather days.

Our Teachers

Stephanie Adornetto has been in the early childhood field for over 25 years. She has a BA from Lesley University with a degree in Human Development and a minor in special needs, as well as an AA from Greenfield Community College in early childhood education. She is certified to teach Pre-K through grade 2. Stephanie has worked with families facilitating educational classes and workshops.

Stephanie believes in a student-forward approach that values children as strong, capable, and resilient. She works to teach children to be kind and respectful to themselves, others, and their belongings. Fostering each child’s social-emotional development is most important and incorporated via the Second Step program worked on during our group activities. Recognizing our emotions and learning to handle our feelings in the best way is taught through the program.

Tina Porter has been teaching preschool at Dalton Cooperative Nursery School since 2016. She attended Greenfield Community College and Holyoke Community College, earning her teaching certificate. Tina was a childcare provider for many years before joining the staff at Dalton Preschool. She is a wife and mother to two wonderful boys, Brandon and Cole.